Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Jun 2- Jun 4, 2022

The sessions of this new edition of the International Congress of Micro-immunotherapy will cover both clinical and research topics from the fields of immunology and metabolism.

Lyon, France
Jun 15- Jun 17, 2022

The focus of the IRCI symposium allows prominent scientists and clinicians to present their recent data in the multidisciplinary area of immunology in cancer and/or infectious diseases. As in our prior 1st IRCI symposium in 2017, our goal is to keep the number of participants limited thereby driving increased discussion between leaders in the field and attendees, thus strengthening as well as defining immunological research and curative therapies in the near future.

The IRCI meeting is organized by researchers from two leading centers in Lyon, the CIRI and CRCL. The first edition gathered more than 340 people from all around the world. This 2022 edition will highlight the recent discoveries in innate and adaptive immunity, immuno-metabolism; immunotherapy and (epi)genetics.

Boston, MA
Jul 18- Jul 22, 2022

The Symposium will bring together about 15 accomplished faculty mentors who are excited to share their discoveries and research career experience in cancer immunology with approximately 45 promising young scientists (post-docs and starting PIs).

Participation in the symposium will provide an opportunity to develop strong ties with senior faculty mentors and learn about the different paths to success in cancer immunology research. Participants will learn how excellent science can be advanced by formulating questions, designing and executing studies to address these questions, hiring, mentoring, collaborating, leadership, raising funds, and publishing. Sessions will cover these and other key areas for a successful research career, and include lectures, small discussion/working groups with faculty mentors on specific topics, and review sessions to integrate lessons learned. Participants will also work on updating their research statement to support their next stage of career development.

Applicants are selected by a committee based on the applicant’s research achievements and plans, and recommendations by their mentors. The deadline to apply is Monday, December 20, 2021.

Illasi, Italy
Sep 5- Sep 8, 2022

A program of the CIMT Academy of Translational Cancer Immunology in collaboration with the University of Verona PhD School in Life and Health Science and NIBIT. Applications are open for post-docs and advanced PhD students. Interested scientists must submit a scientific abstract, a CV, and a letter of intent which describes their academic and professional goals and projects.

Please send all required documents to by May 27, 2022.

Paris, France
Sep 9- Sep 13, 2022

ESMO Congress 2022 will again present the very latest advances in the treatment of cancer and offer an excellent educational programme, with a wealth of opportunities for exchange of ideas among delegates.

Boston, MA and virtual
Nov 9- Nov 13, 2022

Registrants who select to attend Annual Meeting and/or Pre-Conference Programs in person can participate in the onsite meeting and will be granted access to the virtual enduring materials for the selected program(s). Attendees who participate in-person have access to onsite networking opportunities, poster hall and exhibit hall. The virtual meeting platform, including live-streamed content, virtual networking, ePoster hall and virtual exhibits, is available to all registrants for their selected program(s).

Registrants who select to attend the Annual Meeting and/or Pre-Conference Programs virtually will receive real-time access and enduring materials for their selected program(s) using a virtual meeting platform. Attendees who participate virtually will have access to live-streamed presentations with the ability to participate in live Q&A for program(s) for which they have registered. The virtual meeting platform includes virtual networking opportunities, an ePoster hall and virtual exhibits.

Additional programs purchased by in-person attendees can be virtual or in person.

Montreal, Québec
Nov 19- Nov 21, 2022

We're pleased to announce the 2022 Summit4CI will be held in-person in Montréal, Québec. We hope you'll join us November 19-21, 2022, at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel. Mark your calendar!

Nov 22- Nov 23, 2022

The Leipzig Immune ONcology (LION) Conference will bring together clinicians, scientists and industry to discuss latest developments in immune oncology. This year’s focus will be on tumor microenvironment, cell-based therapy in hematology and oncology, precision medicine addressing tolerance and inflammation, immune checkpoint inhibitors, biomarkers, and cancer vaccines. You are invited to submit an abstract of your scientific work to be presented virtually as a poster at LION 2022.

The annual meeting is organized by the Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology and the University Cancer Center of the University Hospital Leipzig, both located in Leipzig, Germany. We are looking forward to welcoming you virtually at LION 2022 on November 22-23, 2022.

San Diego, CA
Nov 1- Nov 5, 2023


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