Obergurgl, Austria
Jan 25- Jan 28, 2024

Via its small size with 24 early-career researchers, the Winter School is designed to offer participants an extraordinary development experience among peers and leaders in a beautiful setting. The relaxed, yet comprehensive program and involvement of supportive leaders in the field provide participants with one-on-one learning and networking opportunities.

Submit your application by October 23, 2023.

Austin, TX and Virtual
Jan 30- Feb 2, 2024

Tailored to early-to-mid career scientists and clinicians in the field of cancer immunotherapy working in academic, clinical, industry and government settings, this hybrid program provides the best in cancer immunotherapy education taught by leading experts in the field.

Winter School participants gain a deep understanding of the core principles of tumor immunology and cancer immunotherapy, and developing areas in the field including biomarker technology, validation and clinical integration, clinical trial design, data analysis and considerations for combination therapies.

La Jolla, CA and virtual
Feb 4- Feb 7, 2024

The 2024 Advanced Course in Basic & Clinical Immunology will be held February 4-February 7, 2024, in La Jolla, California. 16 course lectures from renowned faculty presented a clinical spin on major topics in cellular and molecular immunology.

The lectures, delivered by talented faculty who are renowned ability to span basic and clinical science, take attendees from the bench to the bedside and back again.

Paris, France
Feb 26- Feb 28, 2024

ESMO TAT offers participants a glimpse into the future of anticancer therapies, focusing on promising new targets and agents with a particular emphasis on early drug development. Speakers from both academia and industry will participate in an expanded program, including four new joint ESMO-Industry special sessions addressing drug development, methodological, regulatory, strategic financing and investment issues, offering attendees a fresh, wide-ranging perspective on the development of innovative cancer therapeutics and their optimal implementation.

Miami, FL
Mar 10- Mar 12, 2024


Registration Site Opens: August 2023

Abstract Submission Site Opens: Sept. 15, 2023

Abstract Submission Site Closes: Jan. 10, 2024

Early Registration and Housing Deadline: Feb. 12, 2024

Whistler, British Columbia CANADA
Mar 17- Mar 20, 2024

Organizers: James Allison, Andrea Schietinger, Antoni Ribas, and Padmanee Sharma.

This meeting brings together scientists and clinicians from many aspects of tumor immunology to rethink the next steps in the evolution of cancer immunotherapy. It is expected to provide a springboard toward basic science discoveries and new, more effective therapies.

San Diego, CA
Apr 5- Apr 10, 2024


Keith T. Flaherty, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts
Christina Curtis, Stanford University, Stanford, California

The AACR Annual Meeting is the focal point of the cancer research community, where scientists, clinicians, other health care professionals, survivors, patients, and advocates gather to share the latest advances in cancer science and medicine. From population science and prevention; to cancer biology, translational, and clinical studies; to survivorship and advocacy; the AACR Annual Meeting highlights the work of the best minds in cancer research from institutions all over the world.

More information about the AACR Annual Meeting 2024 will be available online and in the Call for Abstracts in late August 2023.

New York, NY
Apr 11- Apr 13, 2024

"The thymus: from biology to medicine and back"

Rockville, MD
Apr 23- Apr 23, 2024

The NCI RNA Biology Initiative aims to facilitate the rapid exchange of information and expertise on the structure, function, biological roles, and therapeutic uses of RNA. Our goal is to foster synergistic interactions amongst NIH investigators and between NIH investigators and the larger scientific community. We anticipate that new insights into RNA biology and the development of innovative RNA-based tools and therapies will both define novel targets and accelerate the implementation of therapeutic interventions in cancer.

This one-day workshop will bring together leaders from industry, academia, and government with expertise in therapeutic oligonucleotides, delivery, small molecules, and preclinical development of novel RNA-based and RNA-targeted therapies.

London, UK
Apr 23- Apr 25, 2024

With a comprehensive agenda encompassing four distinct yet related programs - Modulating the Tumour Microenvironment, Next Generation Cell-Based Immunotherapies, Bispecific and Multi-specific Antibody Therapeutics and Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines, the Summit promises to be a forum for the exchange of cutting-edge research, and a platform for collaboration among the global immuno-oncology community.

Highlights include a plenary keynote session featuring 2 distinguished speakers; engaging breakout discussions that bring peers together to chat about the most pressing or contentious topics; a balanced faculty of industry and academia speakers; posters showcasing innovative studies and an Exhibit Hall gathering the technology leaders in the IO space.

London, UK
Apr 25- Apr 26, 2024

A two-day event packed with leading speakers, research and cutting-edge presentations on the latest advancements in the discovery & development of cancer immunotherapies with dedicated sessions on different therapeutic modalities, biomarkers, precision and omics-based approaches in IO as well as case studies on innovative preclinical and translational tools.

Mainz, Germany
May 15- May 17, 2024

Welcome to Europe’s largest meeting focused on cancer immunotherapy research and development. Every year, the CIMT Annual Meeting connects the global cancer immunotherapy community in the heart of Europe. As the largest meeting focused on cancer immunotherapy research and development in Europe, CIMT invites international participants for high-level scientific exchange, collaboration, and education focused on cancer immunotherapy.

New York, NY
May 21- May 23, 2024

With rapid change in the field of cancer immunotherapy, Frontiers in Cancer Immunotherapy 2024 aims to shed light on promising novel therapies for patients with cancer. While the field has seen many successes over the last few years, challenges remain in understanding the basic biology of some tumor types and in identifying targets for developing novel therapies.

This symposium presents a remarkable opportunity to convene with other researchers, clinicians, and industry leaders to discuss the extraordinary progress and immense potential of new drug therapies and technologies in paving the way for a brighter future in cancer treatment.

Chicago, IL and virtual
May 31- Jun 4, 2024

The 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting Program will feature over 200 sessions complementing Dr. Lynn Schuchter’s Presidential theme: The Art and Science of Cancer Care: From Comfort to Cure.

Boston, MA
Jun 24- Jun 27, 2024

Arthur, Sandra and Sarah Irving together with the Mass General Cancer Center are excited to announce the third annual “Arthur and Sandra Irving Cancer Immunology Symposium” to be held on June 24-27, 2024. The Symposium will bring together about 15 accomplished faculty mentors who are excited to share their discoveries and research career experience in cancer immunology with approximately 45 promising young scientists (post-docs and starting PIs).

Deadline: Friday, January 5, 2024

Barcelona, Spain
Sep 13- Sep 17, 2024

ESMO 2024 will disseminate the latest cutting-edge data, provide high quality education and unparalleled networking opportunities for oncologists and other stakeholders from all around the world.

Boston, MA
Oct 18- Oct 21, 2024


Yvonne Y. Chen, University of California, Los Angeles, California

Sergio Quezeda, University College London (UCL) Cancer Institute, London, England

Robert D. Schreiber, Washington University School of Medicine of St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri

Fernando Vidal-Vanaclocha, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Houston, TX
Nov 6- Nov 10, 2024

Member registration opens April 2024; non-member registration opens in May 2024.

Boston, MA
Nov 17- Nov 20, 2024


Mikala Egeblad, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, New York

Neta Erez, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Sergei I. Grivennikov, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California

Ilaria Malanchi, The Francis Crick Institute, London, England

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