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New York, NY
Dec 14- Dec 14, 2019

The recent development of immunotherapies to treat cancer has transformed the way that clinicians think about managing their patients with many forms of malignancies. The speed at which basic science and clinical trial information continue to emerge in this area, however, creates practice and/or educational gaps for busy clinicians who strive to maintain state-of-the art care for their patients with cancer. This field is one of the most clinically relevant and exciting areas of novel drug development in oncology.

“But how do I use this information to manage my patients with cancer?”

This is the key question, and the one whose answer ultimately means the most for your patients. The 4th Annual International Congress on Immunotherapies in Cancer™: Focus on Practice-Changing Application will answer that question. Topics of particular interest will be optimal timing of checkpoint inhibitors, identification of patients with cell surface expression of a target antigen who would be good candidates for CAR T-cell treatment, using combination immunotherapies in patients with driver mutations (eg, EGFR/ALK), and the use of combination therapies targeting the IDO pathway in patients with advanced melanoma.

Munich, Germany
Apr 2- Apr 4, 2020

The 7th Immunotherapy of Cancer Conference (ITOC7) to be held in Munich, Germany from April 2 – 4, 2020 is a European meeting providing a global platform for translational research in the field of immuno-oncology as well as a forum for discussion of early clinical translation and to address its unique challenges.
ITOC7 is organised by the WMA GmbH in scientific cooperation with the ITOC Association, the Tumor Centre in Munich (TZM), the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC), the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK) as well as the Comprehensive Cancer Center Munich (CCCM) in Munich.
The main goal of the series of ITOC conferences is to provide a unique platform for discussions where all those dedicated to the immunotherapy of cancer can exchange their knowledge and latest findings to advance the oncology drug development and delivery.

New York, NY
Apr 16- Apr 18, 2020

Meeting Chairs: Michel C. Nussenzweig, M.D., Ph.D. and Jeffrey V. Ravetch, M.D., Ph.D, Rockefeller University.

Theme: New Dimensions of Therapeutic Antibodies.

Annual Kunkel Memorial Lecturer: Tadatsugu Taniguchi, PhD, University of Tokyo who will be speaking about advances in the treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer.

San Diego, CA
Apr 24- Apr 29, 2020

The AACR Annual Meeting program covers the latest discoveries across the spectrum of cancer research—from population science and prevention; to cancer biology, translational, and clinical studies; to survivorship and advocacy—and highlights the work of the best minds in research and medicine from institutions all over the world.

Mainz, Germany
May 5- May 7, 2020


Mallorca, Spain
May 27- May 30, 2020

ICoMI 2020 Congress is a forceful and up-to-date platform where open-minded discussions will promote networking between researchers, clinicians, students and all persons involved in the development of science and medicine. It will be a great opportunity to let new creative and innovative ideas make new collaborations and highlight the latest technology that will help us to reduce the time to find new medication or combinations of treatment especially in the field of chronic diseases.

Madrid, Spain
Sep 18- Sep 22, 2020

The ESMO Congress is the most influential oncology platform in Europe for clinicians, researchers, patient advocates, journalists and the pharmaceutical industry from all over the world. ESMO Congress 2020 will present the very latest advances in oncology and translate science into better cancer patient care.

The ESMO Congress 2020 programme will be developed by a committee composed of more than 300 international experts under the leadership of Scientific Chair Prof John Haanen, NKI Amsterdam, Netherlands, a leading expert in the field of immunotherapy.

National Harbor, MD
Nov 11- Nov 15, 2020


Washington, D.C.
Nov 10- Nov 14, 2021


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