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Tours, France
Jun 24- Jun 25, 2019

An ideal conference for researchers, industrials, and clinicians to exchange ideas about therapeutic antibodies. This year's edition will focus on Harnessing the Immune System with mAbs, a major topic chosen by the AIS Scientific Advisory Board constituted by Pierre Fabre, Servier, IRCM, MabDesign, Sanofi, OSE Immunotherapeutics, LFB, CEPR, IGMM, LabEx MabImprove, and Tours University. The AIS2019 will cover the multifaceted mechanisms underlying antibody-mediated immune responses. More than 300 experts are expected this year.

Bordeaux, France
Jul 11- Jul 12, 2019

This event will be conducted in French.

Les Master Classes de l’immunothérapie est le Grand Rendez-vous Formation en immunothérapie et bioproduction de l’année. Une journée de formations inédites et interactives est organisée. Vous accéderez également à une conférence d’ouverture sur les Biomarqueurs, un cocktail gala, du networking et des ateliers technologiques animés par des industriels.

Les thématiques de formation sont sélectionnées selon les enjeux de la filière : brevet des biomédicament ; Quality by Design ; les Bioassay dans le développement d’un biomédicament ; Contrôle qualité et analyse des mAbs ; Méthode analytique pour évaluer la développabilité de son biomédicament ; Initiation aux CAR T-cells ; Procédés perfusion appliqués à la production d’anticorps ; Purification des mAbs ; Prérequis réglementaires pour entrer en développement clinique.

San Francisco, California
Jul 19- Jul 22, 2019

This AACR Special Conference on Immune Cell Therapies for Cancer will focus on the successes and challenges of utilizing a patient’s immune cells to recognize and attack their own cancerous cells. The organizers have designed a meeting that will maximize collaboration between researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals.

Boston, MA
Sep 10- Sep 13, 2019

A summit focused on accelerating to market the next generation of potent, safe and efficacious CAR-TCR therapies for solid tumor indications, whilst ensuring the accessibility and commercial delivery of currently approved life-changing CAR-TCR therapies to patients around the world.

Paris, France
Sep 25- Sep 28, 2019

Topics: Cancer prevention and life style factors in oncoimmunology; Combination therapies with immune checkpoint blockers; T cell exhaustion – mechanisms of resistance; Immunotherapies, non-cell-based; Immunotherapies, cell based; New targets and concepts; Tumor antigens; Vaccination strategies; New trends in technology & informatics; TME analysis; Onco- and immunometabolism; Microbiota in oncoimmunology

Barcelona, Spain
Sep 27- Oct 1, 2019

The ESMO Congress is the appointment in Europe for clinicians, researchers, patient advocates, journalists and the pharmaceutical industry from all over the world to get together, learn about the latest advances in oncology and translate science into better cancer patient care.

Bangkok, Thailand
Oct 11- Oct 13, 2019

This inaugural American Society of Clinical Oncology event, co-hosted by the Thai Society of Clinical Oncology, is the world’s first global summit for oncology innovators. Breakthrough will bring together the very latest in oncology practice, scientific discovery, and technological advances to transform the future of cancer care. Submit your abstract before June 18, 2019.

National Harbor, MD
Nov 6- Nov 10, 2019

The 34th Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs of the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC 2019) scheduled to take place Nov. 6-10, 2019, at the Gaylord National Hotel & Convention Center in National Harbor, Md.

Boston, Massachusetts
Nov 17- Nov 20, 2019

The hallmark of this series is also to encourage the effective exchange of ideas between basic cancer immunologists, non-immunologists, and clinical oncologists in order to develop approaches that translate to outcomes. This year’s program will feature international leaders in the field, who will expand our knowledge of the microbiome; adverse immunological events; imaging and other new technologies; genetics and epigenomics of immuno-oncology; and immunological signaling pathways. These world-renowned oncologists and researchers will offer their insights on novel cell therapies, biomarkers, vaccines and adjuvants, all in the pursuit of understanding tumor evolution and creating better treatments.

Boston, MA
Nov 17- Nov 22, 2019

Join workshop Course Directors Drs. George D. Demetri, Susan Band Horwitz, and Pasi A. Jänne for an intensive introduction to translational cancer research. This week-long workshop will provide basic scientists with a better understanding of translational research and strategies for adapting their research for maximum clinical impact. Apply by April 30.

Orlando, FL
Dec 7- Dec 10, 2019


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