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Stat5 battles Tox for epigenetic control of T cell exhaustion

December 20, 2023

In cancer immunotherapy, reversing or staving off T cell exhaustion is highly useful, and while current checkpoint blockades show substantial efficacy, they don’t appear to rewire the epigenetics that drive exhaustion in the first place. Investigating the epigenetic programming of exhaustion and potential ways to mitigate it, Beltra et al. identified Stat5 as...

New molecule targets TIL-enriched T cell subset to improve antitumor immunity

December 13, 2023

Stimulating αβ T cells through the T cell receptor (TCR) complex using CD3-agonistic antibodies as immunotherapy remains a challenge, as it activates all T cells, resulting in cytokine release syndrome and inefficient T cell activation. To overcome this issue, Hsu, Donahue, et al. designed and tested a bifunctional antibody fusion molecule fused to...

Cytokine-armed DC progenitors are an alternative to antigen-loaded DC vaccines

December 6, 2023

Using tumor antigen-loaded monocyte-derived DCs for therapeutic vaccination is a strategy that has been well explored, but with mixed clinical results. While this strategy can be effective, it is limited by the requirement for accessible tumor samples or known tumor antigens, as well as by the antigen loading process itself. To overcome these...

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