Weekly Digests



NKG2A blockade releases the brakes on CD8+ T cells and NK cells

January 16, 2019

With the success of immune checkpoint blockade in some cancer patients, but failure in many others, scientists are always on the lookout for new checkpoints to target. The inhibitory receptor NKG2A is found on many NK cells and few CD8+ T cells in peripheral blood. It heterodimerizes with CD94 and, upon binding its...

The shape of intratumor heterogeneity

January 9, 2019

Most tumors exhibit a high degree of genetic and functional heterogeneity, but how that heterogeneity is established and evolves in situ under immune pressure has been difficult to study. To tackle this obstacle, Milo et al. established a mouse model of MYC-driven B cell lymphoma with a large degree of genetic diversity, both...