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Messenger for DCs: vesicles spread tumor antigens across dendritic cell subsets

June 17, 2020

It is well known that the initiation of an antitumor T cell response begins with priming by dendritic cells (DCs) inside the tumor-draining lymph node (TDLN). But how do migratory DCs, which pick up antigens at the tumor site, transfer the tumor antigens to LN-resident DCs and enable T cell priming? To answer...

CD4+ T cells take center stage in bladder cancer

June 11, 2020

Bladder cancer is often resistant to anti-PD-1 immunotherapy, however, responses do occur in a small fraction of patients. In order to better understand the specific T cells that mediate tumor rejection in those infrequent cases, Oh and Kwek et al. used single-cell RNAseq and TCRseq to profile T cells from muscle-invasive bladder tumors...

Flt3L-armored T cells engage the immune system to fight solid cancers

June 3, 2020

As tumor antigen heterogeneity limits the efficacy of engineered TCR and CAR T cells against solid tumors, Lai and Mardiana et al. engineered T cells that express and secrete the dendritic cell (DC) growth factor Flt3L in order to more fully engage the endogenous immune system in the fight against the cancer. The...

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