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New target can put the brakes on macrophage and Treg immune suppression

May 26, 2021

Given that only a subset of patients responds to current checkpoint inhibition therapies, the search for new immune checkpoint targets continues. Sharma et al. identified and investigated one such new target, LILRB4, in mouse and human tumors, and assessed the effects of blockade in a variety of mouse models. Their results were recently published...

CIMT Annual Meeting 2021

May 19, 2021

Last week, the ACIR team attended the virtual 18th CIMT Annual Meeting. This week’s extensive special feature covers select talks from the conference. We are proud to recognize Takeda for sponsorship of our coverage for this conference. We have organized the content by topics below. Keynote addressUgur Sahin Tumor microenvironment and effective immunotherapySjoerd...

CD276 helps cancer stem cells dodge the immune bullet

May 12, 2021

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are considered the “seeds” of tumor metastasis, but how these cells escape the effects of chemotherapy and immune surveillance is unclear. Wang et al. previously detected CSCs with a limited expression of PD-L1 in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). In an attempt to detect other targetable checkpoints...

What drives glycolysis in tumors, and how to stop it

May 5, 2021

In an effort to investigate epigenetic mechanisms that contribute to tumor immune evasion, Liu, Liang, Xu, Dong, and Dong et al. recently explored the connection between the RNA demethylase FTO, increased glycolysis in tumor cells, and reduced T cell activation in the tumor microenvironment. Further, the researchers developed and tested a potential strategy...

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