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Removing IL-6 from the mix prevents toxicity and boosts efficacy of checkpoint blockade

May 25, 2022

Immune checkpoint blockade (ICB) has two main limitations: responses vary between subgroups of patients and immune-related adverse events (irAEs) can be severe. To assess the mechanism of action behind the induction and variability of such responses, Hailemichael, Johnson, and Abdel-Wahab et al. performed a deep immune analysis of tumor and immune-related enterocolitis tissues...

CIMT Annual Meeting 2022

May 18, 2022

Last week, the ACIR team attended the CIMT Annual Meeting 2022 in Mainz, Germany. This week’s extensive special feature covers select talks from the conference. We have organized the content by topics below. Personalized cancer immunotherapyAlena Gros VidalHajer Fritah GuirenJeroen van Bergen CAR T cell therapiesHideho OkadaAndreas MackensenLuca Gattinoni Antigen selectionCelina TretterMegan BurgerAndrew...

Hang on there! T cells bringing IL-12 are more tumor-reactive

May 11, 2022

IL-12 is of great interest for immunotherapy for its broad immune-activating effects. However, systemic treatment induces severe toxicities, limiting its application. Approaches to safely deliver cytokines to the tumor microenvironment are therefore warranted. Jones and Nardozzi et al. investigated a method to tether cytokines via antibodies to tumor-specific T cells used in adoptive therapy...

Hormone-driven immune exhaustion fuels sex bias in cancer

May 4, 2022

Sex bias in the development, aggressiveness, and mortality of cancer is a well documented phenomenon that cannot be fully explained by behavioral, physical, or genetic differences. Looking into potential immunological mechanisms as to how biological sex, as defined by differential sex chromosomes and gonadal hormones, influences cancer development, Kwon et al. uncovered a...

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